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Ie Uru Onna - The Genius Real Estate Agent Sangenya Machi


It is totally worth watching Kitagawa Keiko as a genius real estate agent who is more than only good in selling houses. For me, Ie Uru Onna is the best role Kitagawa ever played, and the dorama is the best of its genre that bringing theme about professional work. 

Title: Ie Uru Onna/ 家売るオンナ / Your Home is My Bussiness
Episodes: 10
Broadcast period: July - September 2013
Theme song: beautiful days by GReeeeN

Kitagawa Keiko as Sangenya Machi
Kudo Asuka as Niwano Seiji
Chiba Yudai as Adachi Satoshi
Imoto Ayako as Shirasu Mika
Usuda Asami as Tamaki Kokoro
Nakamura Toru as Yashiro Dai

At first, I thought that a story set in an office world was not interesting. But, Ie Uru Onna, a story of a house seller (sangenya-in Japan) woman named Sangennya Machi is really hilarious. It is a really a good dorama at any aspects, especially the character's dialogues and the plot. Hat off for the script-writer! 

Sangennya Machi, played by Kitagawa Keiko, is a genius real estate agent that scores high sold record in the company she works - Teiko Real Estate. She is transfered from one branch office to another to improve selling. Then, she was transfered in the Shinjuku branch office as a chief, where this story takes place. Here, Sangennya becomes a really unique person, very strict, old fashioned, and perfectionist in term of selling house. Her colleagues often felt pressure from her personality but soon after all the works Sangenya did, they feel motivated and know the importance of their profession. 

Sangenya's wordmarks is "There's no house I can't sell." and "Go!!!". For a genius seller agent like Sangenya, she's never failed in her work. She deals with many customers with many different circumstances. It is really interesting how Sangenya always tries to find the best house for the customers. Yeah, house is a big things for people, not only for a living place but also an investment for the future. Here, we'll know about that in a very funny.

Main cast of Ie Uru Onna (Shirasu, Yashiro, Sangenya, Niwano, Adachi)

They have a really good team in Shinjuku branch office. The branch manager is Yashiro Dai (Nakamura Toru), who is a gentle man but too loyal for the company (spoiler: Kaisha no Inu - the company's dog). The Prince Adachi Satoshi (Chiba Yudai) is a cute, elegant and idol-type agent but also a sadistic type. The newbie Niwano Seiji (Kudo Asuka) who's very plain, bold-minded that tries his best to make his first selling. The funniest Shirasu Mika (Imoto Ayako), the laziest agent, never make a single deal since her entrance, and always wasting time. And there are more interesting colleagues of Sangenya. Personally, I really appreciate the acting of Shirasu Mika and Chiba Yudai. They are both are amazing in this dorama. 

Shiraso as human banner (so funny here)

This dorama has a splendid ending. I will not spoiler, you need to watch this yourself. 

I really recomend this dorama for all of you dorama lovers who haven't seen this one. If you have already watched this, you can share your opinion about this dorama in the comment section. It's always fun to discuss about our hobby, isn't it? 

Well, I give 8.5/10 for Ie Uru Onna!

Aw, some more things, Kitagawa Keiko is really beautiful in this dorama. I really like her style! Chiba Yudai is so cute with the suit, love him so much. And Nakamura Toru is sooo handsome! 

Cuteness overload with Chiba Yudai

Gorgeous Sangenya Machi



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