Sunday, March 18, 2018

When They Knit Seriously - A Heart Warming Story

Title: Karera ga Honki de Amu Toki wa / Close Knit 
Genre: Drama, family, slice of life
Run time: 127 minutes
Release year: 2017    

Rinka Kakihara as Tomo 
Ikuta Toma as Rinko
Kiritani Kenta as Makio 


Can you imagine Ikuta Toma as a transgender?! Well, me? Now I can and I love it! Close Knit makes me realize that Ikuta Toma is a versatile actor more than I could imagine before. Close Knit is a proof that despite his good look and masculine figure, he can also act as a gentle yet feminine Rinko chan  that we can't help falling in love. 

In Close Knit, the main story is about Tomo (12 years old) who live with her single mother. One day her mom run away and left her in the care of Makio, her uncle. On the way home, he tells Tomo that he is living together with his partner Rinko chan who is not an usual woman but a male born female or a transgender. Rinko chan works as nurse in a nursing house where he met Makio for the first time. Makio fell in love at the first sight with the gentleness of Rinko whe she takes care of her old mom. They fall for each other and end up living together. 

The same thing goes to Tomo. She find the mother's love in Rinko who made her beautiful bento everyday that she never gets from her real mom. Rinko's love also grows for Tomo as mother. Then, will they become a happy family with unusual composition? It's not as simple as it may seems because transgender woman still seen as the anomalie in the society. This is interesting because I can see the untold story of Japanese view for transgender that I thought more open minded than this. Close Knit try to reveal the hot issue, complex story in a really heartwarming, full of love, and cute story from Tomo-chan, Rinko-chan, and not forget to mention the gentleman here Makio.  

You should watch this gem!


More about Close Knit on Asian Wiki 

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

An Overprotected Princess in Modern Life - Kahogo No Kahoko

It's a really funny, the story of 'Overprotected Kahoko' aka Kahogo no Kahoko. The title says it all, it's all about Kahoko, an overprotected girl who've been raised by her parents in a steril world without anything ugly in it, like a princess living her whole life in a castle. Then, the princess meet his prince- oops no way! The princess will eventually come out from his little castle and greet the real world! 

Title: Kahogo no Kahoko | 過保護のカホコ | Overprotected Kahoko 
Genre: Drama, family
Episodes: 10
Broadcast period: 2017-Jul-12 to 2017-Sep-13
Theme song: Family Song by Hoshino Gen

Takahata Mitsuki as Nemoto Kahoko
Kuroki Hitomi as Nemoto Izumi
Tokito Saburo as Nemoto Masataka
Takeuchi Ryoma as Mugino Hajime
Mita Yoshiko as Namiki Hatsuyo
Nishioka Tokuma as Namiki Fukushi
Kubota Sayu as Tomita Ito,


Mitsuki Takahata played the role of Nemoto Kahoko, the last year university student who has been living in an overprotected way by her family, and now she's trying to find job. In the middle of difficulty finding job, Kahoko meets Mugino Hajime (Takeuchi Ryoma) an art student who lives the opposite way as Kahoko, he was in the  orphanage after his mother left him. Through the interaction between those two, the story is getting more interesting. Kahoko learns many new things in life that are beyond her imagination. The relationship between those two then also develops into romance. 

I enjoyed the show. The chemistry and plot development is really good with smooth pace. Not only about Kahoko, the most interesting part is Kahoko's father point of view as the story teller in this dorama. Well, I'll give you 5 reasons why Kahogo no Kahoko is a must watch drama. 

1. A Modern Overprotected Princess - Fresh Story of the other side of modern life
I didn't know if the story of Kahoko is really happened in real life. But, a friend of mine when she saw this dorama, she said that the story portrayed her life, even not to that extend. Wow! I can't imagine that since I live in a quite liberal family. The story about Kahoko's parents who want to protect her precious daughter at all cost, Kahoko's new experience in life, etc. I just love it!

2. It's Takahata Mitsuki and Ryoma Takeuchi best acts
For me, this drama really exposed their act skills, especially for Takahata Mitsuki. And they nailed it! Since the first time I saw Takahata in the 'Mondai no Aru Restaurant', her act steals the scene. I think she has bright future in the acting world. Also in this dorama, Kahoko pureness (sometimes too much) can be depicted through various expression that really funny and cute. Also for Takeuchi Ryoma (I hope he'll be another successfull Kamen-Rider actor in the entertainment world), he is very good. 

3. Kahoko's cute outfits
Maybe it's too childish but I like Kahoko's fashion style in the dorama. I am a fashion addict so I always pay attention to fashion detail in every dorama I watch. And I like Kahoko's unique style. 

4. Heartwarming family story 
It's a family comedy and also heartwarming story. If you like story about family then this dorama is for you. 

5. Happy Ending and OST from Hoshino Gen
Do not worry about the ending. The happy ending is just something that we love the most in a romcom dorama. And do not forget the OST, Family by Hoshino Gen! That just make this perfect!

That's already 5 reasons! Do you have any other reason why Kahogo no Kahoko is a must watch drama in 2017? Let me know! 

I give 8.5/10 for this wonderful dorama.

Friday, October 20, 2017

"Your Lie In April" - Another Yamaken Prince-like Live-Adaptation Movie

Yamazaki Kento is a living version of almost every Manga princes! Having the main male role of live-action manga adaptation is not something new for Yamaken. He got almost every charming prince role in the doramas and movies. And again, Yamaken became the genius pianist prince in the live-action adaptation of manga series "Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso" by Naoshi Arakawa, "Your Lie In April", together with Suzu Hirose, Taishi Nakagawa, and Anna Ishii. It is a usual romance-story of high school students, nothing is really new here. Despite the sad story, but Your Lie in April is not enough to be categorized as a tearjerker movie, at least for me. But, it is a good movie with youth spirit and a sweet frienship story. 

The story is about the genius pianist, highschool boy Arima Kousei who used to be called 'the human monochrome'. He won many prestigious competitions since he was child. But due some circumstances, he stop playing piano until he met Kaori Miyazono, a violinist. Kaori encourages Arima to play piano again and enjoy the music freely with all his heart. Together with Arima's childhood friends Tsubaki Sawabe, and Ryota Watari , the four become bestfriend. 

The story is very nice, isn't it? But, that's only the beginning because the sad story will just follow it. I don't want to spoil the ending but I'll give the hint, Kaori is sick with a really life threatening disease. So, what will happen with it? Will Arima can overcome his problem? Will Kaori be cured from her illness? How will be their friendship. Just watch this movie and you will get the answer. 

For me, this movie is not a really my kind of favorite movies but I'll still watch it like another youth movies like Strobe Edge, Senpai to Kanojo, etc. How can I say, this movie is quite good and colorful but not suprising. Let's see if you have different opinion? 


Tuesday, July 4, 2017

[English Subtitle] Oboreru Knife - Drowning Love

For all of you who want the English subtitle for Oboreru Knife (Drowning Love), here is the link of the sub I made. I just convert the sub from Indonesian sub by wibusubs. It's not perfect but I think it would at least help anyone to understand the beautiful story of this movie.


Eng Sub:

Friday, May 12, 2017

Ie Uru Onna - The Genius Real Estate Agent Sangenya Machi


It is totally worth watching Kitagawa Keiko as a genius real estate agent who is more than only good in selling houses. For me, Ie Uru Onna is the best role Kitagawa ever played, and the dorama is the best of its genre that bringing theme about professional work. 

Title: Ie Uru Onna/ 家売るオンナ / Your Home is My Bussiness
Episodes: 10
Broadcast period: July - September 2013
Theme song: beautiful days by GReeeeN

Kitagawa Keiko as Sangenya Machi
Kudo Asuka as Niwano Seiji
Chiba Yudai as Adachi Satoshi
Imoto Ayako as Shirasu Mika
Usuda Asami as Tamaki Kokoro
Nakamura Toru as Yashiro Dai

At first, I thought that a story set in an office world was not interesting. But, Ie Uru Onna, a story of a house seller (sangenya-in Japan) woman named Sangennya Machi is really hilarious. It is a really a good dorama at any aspects, especially the character's dialogues and the plot. Hat off for the script-writer! 

Sangennya Machi, played by Kitagawa Keiko, is a genius real estate agent that scores high sold record in the company she works - Teiko Real Estate. She is transfered from one branch office to another to improve selling. Then, she was transfered in the Shinjuku branch office as a chief, where this story takes place. Here, Sangennya becomes a really unique person, very strict, old fashioned, and perfectionist in term of selling house. Her colleagues often felt pressure from her personality but soon after all the works Sangenya did, they feel motivated and know the importance of their profession. 

Sangenya's wordmarks is "There's no house I can't sell." and "Go!!!". For a genius seller agent like Sangenya, she's never failed in her work. She deals with many customers with many different circumstances. It is really interesting how Sangenya always tries to find the best house for the customers. Yeah, house is a big things for people, not only for a living place but also an investment for the future. Here, we'll know about that in a very funny.

Main cast of Ie Uru Onna (Shirasu, Yashiro, Sangenya, Niwano, Adachi)

They have a really good team in Shinjuku branch office. The branch manager is Yashiro Dai (Nakamura Toru), who is a gentle man but too loyal for the company (spoiler: Kaisha no Inu - the company's dog). The Prince Adachi Satoshi (Chiba Yudai) is a cute, elegant and idol-type agent but also a sadistic type. The newbie Niwano Seiji (Kudo Asuka) who's very plain, bold-minded that tries his best to make his first selling. The funniest Shirasu Mika (Imoto Ayako), the laziest agent, never make a single deal since her entrance, and always wasting time. And there are more interesting colleagues of Sangenya. Personally, I really appreciate the acting of Shirasu Mika and Chiba Yudai. They are both are amazing in this dorama. 

Shiraso as human banner (so funny here)

This dorama has a splendid ending. I will not spoiler, you need to watch this yourself. 

I really recomend this dorama for all of you dorama lovers who haven't seen this one. If you have already watched this, you can share your opinion about this dorama in the comment section. It's always fun to discuss about our hobby, isn't it? 

Well, I give 8.5/10 for Ie Uru Onna!

Aw, some more things, Kitagawa Keiko is really beautiful in this dorama. I really like her style! Chiba Yudai is so cute with the suit, love him so much. And Nakamura Toru is sooo handsome! 

Cuteness overload with Chiba Yudai

Gorgeous Sangenya Machi


Tuesday, April 25, 2017

RYOMADEN - A Story of Sakamoto Ryoma

If you're interested in Japanese history, you must know the great Sakamoto Ryoma. And if you're into japanese drama, you must know this masterpiece of Taiga drama, "RYOMADEN". The brilliant drama depicts the life of the one and only Sakamoto Ryoma, a really famous person in the Bakumatsu period, and one of the most influential persons in the resignation of 230 years long Bakufu shogunate in Japan. With Fukuyama Masaharu as Sakamoto Ryoma and the main second lead Kagawa Teruyuki as Iwasaki Yataro (the founder of multinational corporation 'Mitsubishi), Ryomaden has its own place in my most recomended doramas folder. You have to watch this taiga!

Title: Ryoma Den | 龍馬伝
Genre: Jidaigeki, history
Episodes: 48
Broadcast period: Jan - Nov 2010

Fukuyama Masaharu as Sakamoto Ryoma
Kagawa Teruyuki as Iwasaki Yataro
Omori Nao as Takechi Hanpeita
Sato Takeru as Okada Izo

I'll give 5 reasons why Ryomaden is a good dorama, though I could wrote more than a hundred reasons. Ahaha..

1. It's Sakamoto Ryoma story!
I believe there's no Japanese who doesn't know Sakamoto Ryoma. Even I know him! And the story about his extra-ordinary life is a really interesting to watch. Ryoma who was born into a low level Samurai in Tosa domain where the caste-like system was still strong applied in the daily life and Bakufu shogunate was still strong as ever, in his young age, Ryoma was able to restructure Japan government into a whole new level, The Meiji Era.

Portrait of the real Sakamoto Ryoma

What I like about Ryomaden is the comprehensive story of Ryoma so we can understand not only Ryoma's life until his assasination in the age of 31, but also the environment and political conflict in the era. It's a really good source to learn history. Haaah, I wish there would be a good historical drama about my country too here. All we have here now is some craps 'sinetron or maybe shit'netron' with no quality at all.

2. Fukuyama Masaharu and Kagawa Teruyuki are the great duo with great acting skill
If you ever watch the megahits drama Galileo, you should understand the Fukuyama Masaharu has the charisma as a character. And I really love him here as Ryoma. And the main second lead and also as a narator (story teller) is Kagawa Teruyuki. OMG! He really deserves awards for his role here. Iwasaki Yataro stole my attention. He's a funny, annoying, but also a warm character. Can you imagine a 45 years old man played a role of young boy! Yeah, look at this young Iwasaki Yataro!
No wonder if he won so many awards for this role. Check this out!

Kagawa Teruyuki as young Iwasaki Yataro

3. So many other great actors! Not forget to mention the cutie Sato Takeru as the real Hitokiri Okada Izo
Something really interesting in Ryomaden is the fact that Sato Takeru who later known played the fictious infamous Hitokiri Battosai Himura Kenshin, in this taiga he played the role as the real infamous hitokiri (assasin) Okada Izo. And more, Fukuyama Masaharu in the Rurouni Kenshin also played as Himura's shiso - Seijuro Hiko. It's not a coincidence, isn't it? Maybe Sato got his role as Himura Kenshin because of his role here in Ryomaden. Who knows?
Well, Sato Takeru and other actors and actresses in Ryomaden are really good in acting skills. Most of taiga drama always have good casts in the list.

Sato Takeru, Hirosue Ryoko, Fukuyama Masaharu and Oizumi Yo

4. It has what it's all it needs to be a great drama (Nice visualization, setting, plot and directing)
Yeah, like the words I put in the bracket, what it takes to be a good drama, Ryomaden has it all. In my opinion, the divination of the chapters or seasons is a good. It helps us to more understand to stages in Ryoma's life. From the first season "Ryoma The Dreamer", "Ryoma The Adventurer", "Ryoma the xxx" and the final season is "Ryoma The Navigator". OMG, in his only 31 years of his life, Ryoma already did so so many thing yet me, here I am doing blogging writing on a drama about him. Ahahaha... I like the development of the characters, not only the main characters like Sakamoto Ryoma and Iwasaki Yataro, but also others.

Ah, one thing I must mention here maybe is the fact that Sakamoto Ryoma, achieved his extra ordinary life, lived his inspirations to life, by leaving his family. Somehow it bothers me so much, ehm... Do we need to leave all we have first, to reach out our life inspirations? I do not know.

5. The love story!
Ryomaden has so many love sweet love stories! Ryoma's first love Kao, Ryoma's honeymoon with Oryo, love story of Takechi Hanpeita, Okada Izo and etc. The Ryomaden's scriptwriter must be a very romantic person. What I like about Ryomaden is the romantic element in the drama is really fit the storyline, not too much (like in the K- hahaha) to distract the main plot.

Yup! That's all, 5 reasons you have to watch Ryomaden. If you have more reasons, please leave them in the comment. Hee..

I give 9/10 for this masterpiece. 

Monday, February 20, 2017

Sanada Maru - Kisah Keluarga Sanada di Jaman Sengoku

Taiga drama yang keren banget. Sakai Masato tentunya sudah menjadi jaminan mutu terhadap suatu dorama. Tentu kamu tidak lupa betapa jeniusnya dia di Legal High series, Hanzawa Naoki, Joker dan lain-lainnya. Kali ini di Sanada Maru, Sakai Masato beradu peran dengan banyak pemain keren lainnya, dan terutama yang paling berkesan bagiku adalah Kusakari Masao dan Yamamoto Koji.

Bagi kamu yang sering kepo sejarah Jepang, pasti kenal dengan keluarga dari Klan Sanada, yang meskipun klan kecil namun memiliki sejarah cukup panjang dan kuat. Salah satu tokoh sejarah paling terkenal adalah Sanada Yukimura (Sanada Nobushige), putra kedua dari Sanada Masayuki yang tak kalah pamornya. 

Title: 真田丸/ Sanada Maru
Genre: Jidaigeki
Episodes: 50
Broadcast period: 2016-Jan-10 to 2016-Dec-18


Sanada Maru sendiri adalah nama benteng kecil yang terkenal tak bisa ditembus, terletak di sebelah istana Osaka yang didirikan oleh Sanada Yukimura ketika terjadi pengepungan Osaka oleh Tokugawa terhadap Toyotomi. Taiga drama Sanada Maru berkisah tentang lika-liku kehidupan keluarga Sanada ketika jaman Sengoku (warring states) terutama Sanada Yukimura (Sanada Nobushige). 

Dorama 50 episode ini, wajib untuk ditonton bagi kamu yang doyan drama sejarah, terutama para penggemar Taiga drama. Aku akan coba ringkas 5 hal kenapa kamu perlu nonton dorama ini. 

1. Ceritanya keren! Sakai Masato dan Kusakari Masao memang tiada duanya.
Cerita sejarah pastinya selalu kaya. Nonton drama sejarah adalah cara paling asik untuk belajar sejarah atau sekedar ingin tahu. Kisah keluarga Sanada adalah sangat menarik. Sanada Yukimura adalah salah satu jenderal perang paling terkenal di akhir jaman Sengoku sebagai sosok loyal terhadap klan Toyotomi dan musuh bebuyutan Tokugawa Ieyashu. Cerita dimulai ketika keruntuhan klan Takeda yang menjadi naungan klan Sanada terjadi. Sejak itu, keluarga Sanada bertahan di antara arus jaman dan perebutan kekuasaan dari 3 penguasa besar: Oda Nobunaga, Toyotomi Hideyoshi dan Tokugawa Ieyashu. 
Dari cerita di Sanada Maru, salah satu kisah paling menarik sekaligus kontroversial adalah peran Kiri, anak perempuan Naiki, sebagai sosok perempuan yang paling dekat dengan Yukimura, selain dua istrinya (Ume dan Haru). Meskipun tidak terlalu banyak tertulis perannya, namun di Sanada Maru, peran Kiri berpengaruh besar. Ada yang mengatakan bahwa ini tidak sesuai sejarah dan cenderung dipaksakan agar Nagasawa Masami (pemeran Kiri) dapat banyak tampil di layar. Ya, tapi secara keseluruhan sih, aku tidak terlalu terganggu. Ini kan drama ya, bumbu-bumbu itu biasalah. 

2. Pemeran (cast) yang mumpuni
Sakai Masato tentu jaminan mutu. Perkembangan karakternya bagus dan terlihat wibawanya. Beda banget ketika dia beperan Legal high. hehehe.. Selain itu, pemeran yang sangat outstanding adalah Kusakari Masao sebagai Sanada Masayuki. I fell in love! Satu lagi adalah Yamamoto Koji yang memerankan Ishida Mitsunari. Tak tahu kenapa, tapi suami Horikita Maki ini karakternya membuatku simpatik. Di sisi lain, sebagai antagonis, Tokugawa Ieyashu yang dimainkan  Uchino Seiyo juga bagus. Banyak lagi lah pemain-pemain keren, secara kalau Taiga drama buatnya gak main-main dan selalu bertabur bintang. Sebagai eye candy ada juga Nakagawa Taishi yang berperan sebagai Toyotomi Hideyori. Tapi, kamu harus sabar kalau mau ketemua dia. Hehehe

3. Latar dan kostum yang memanjakan mata, plus musik keren
Tak meragukan lah, bagus. (Sambil ngeluh, kenapa sinetron sejarah kita selalu saja jelek banget latarnya. halahh.. ). Masih terkagum-kagum dengan kebesaran Istana Osaka buatan Toyotomi Hideyoshi. Nanti pas ke Jepang sepertinya harus mampir nih, meskipun sedih juga karena istana yang sekarang adalah bukan aslinya yang sudah dihancurkan tahun 1868. Scene perangnya cukup membuat ngilu lah tapi masih sopan. No gore is good! Dan baju-bajunya, kostumnya, aku suka banget. Kimono-kimono indah Yodo-dono, armor-armor keren para pejuang dan baju-baju kasual lainnya yang sedap dipandang mata. :). 

4. Akhir yang ehm bikin deg-degan
No spoiler! Ya, meskipun cerita sejarah bisa diketahui dari banyak literature tapi tetap saja membuat deg-degan. Epic banget pokoknya. 

5. 50 Episode pun tak terasa
Meskipun terlihat panjang, 50 episode, tapi tidak terasa waktu berlalu. Aku mengikuti Sanada Maru dari tahun kemarin hingga belum lama ini selesai nonton. Dan sampai hari ini aku masih terkesima. Cobain deh.

Nah, itu dia 5 alasan kenapa kamu kudu banget nonton Sanada Maru. Bagi kamu yang sudah nonton, boleh dong bagi pendapatnya di komen. Hehehe... ngarep banget ada yang komen. 

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